Tesoro Viejo (Madera County, CA)

Agency: Madera County Planning Department
Project: Tesoro Viejo Revised Traffic Impact Study
Contact: Mr. Matt Treber, Senior Planner, 559.675.7821

VRPA Technologies is responsible for preparing the Revised Traffic Impact Study (TIS) for the Tesoro Viejo Development, which is a mixed-use development that includes residential, commercial, office, and industrial land uses.  The Revised TIS is being prepared for the purpose of including additional analysis scenarios not previously included in the original TIS in accordance with the decision of the Fifth District Court of Appeal which required additions and revisions to the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) now de-certified by the Court.  The Revised TIS provides an existing plus project conditions analysis, interim conditions analysis, and a student-related trips analysis.  In addition, it also provides an updated existing conditions analysis and further documents the assumptions of the future conditions buildout analysis provided in the original TIS.