Fresno Activity Center (Fresno, CA)

Agency: City of Fresno

Project: General Plan Activity Center and Corridor Study

Location: Fresno Metropolitan Region, CA

Contact: Keith Bergthold, Planning Director, 559.621.8003

As part of the 2025 Fresno General Plan, the city identified several Activity Centers and Intensity Corridors that are to be redeveloped, encouraging higher intensities and mix of uses. While the Activity Centers are envisioned as neighborhood/community/regional center, the Intensity Corridors are envisioned as mid-rise/high rise mixed-use urban blocks. The forty-nine activity centers and linear corridors cover several key streets and retail centers, including the Fresno Downtown area.  VRPA and its subconsultant Community Design & Architecture (CD+A) continue to work together to develop recommendations for the General Plan land use designations for a subset of the City of Fresno’s Adopted Freeway 41 Mid & High Rise Corridor (Mid & High Rise Corridor), Activity Centers and Linear Intensity Corridors – collectively referred to as Intensification Areas – and to develop and evaluate alternative growth scenarios for the Intensification Areas.  VRPA is also responsible for public outreach activities.