State Route 198 (Kings County, CA)

Agency: Kings County Association of Governments/Hatch Mott MacDonald, LLC
Project: State Route 198 Corridor Preservation and Improvement Strategic Plan
Contact: Shruti Malik, P.E., PMP | Hatch Mott MacDonald Senior Project Manager, 925.469.5373

VRPA Technologies, Inc. (VRPA) was retained to assist with development of the State Route 198 (SR-198) Corridor Preservation and Improvement Strategic Plan (Plan).  The Plan will propose, evaluate, and implement a mix of incremental and lower cost/higher benefit alternative improvements, strategies, and actions to optimize the SR-198 Corridor performance and promote the highest preservation, sustained operations safety, productivity, and reliability of the corridor.  This project is being led by the Kings County Association of Governments with participation by the Fresno Council of Governments, the Tulare County Association of Governments, Caltrans, and various other stakeholders.

VRPA is working as a subconsultant to Hatch Mott MacDonald and is responsible for completing traffic operations analysis and an evaluation of goods movement along the corridor.  VRPA will review existing traffic and performance data as well as develop new data to supplement existing data.  New data will be developed through collection of traffic counts, traffic accident data, and accident index allowing for the rating and comparison of different segments of SR-198.  VRPA will be responsible for an evaluation of goods movement and the potential benefits capacity and safety improvements may have on goods movement.  VRPA will also assist with the development of performance measures, listing of potential projects and preparation of the Draft and Final Plan.